2019 Call for Speakers Now Open!

Embedded Technologies Conference 2019 will draw hundreds of systems design engineers to San Jose that are ready for education, business, and networking. In the largest embedded and IoT market in North America, ETC is currently seeking qualified speakers to deliver presentations and participate in panels at the 2019 Conference Program.

If you are interested in being a part of the 2019 Conference Program as a speaker or have specific ideas to share, submit a proposal today.
Please consider presenting if you have original research and/or compelling applications - or implementation-based case examples. The Conference Team will consider all submissions and make the final selections. Submission deadline is Friday, November 2nd


All session proposals must be educational and non-commercial in nature. If you’re a vendor, please do not submit a proposal that promotes your company or its products. Sales pitches and/or product-centric presentations (even if delivered with a customer co-presenter) will not be considered for inclusion in the conference program. Please note: abstracts that include an end-user customer and a discussion on use within the real world application will be given higher consideration. 


Speakers will not be compensated for presenting, but will receive complimentary admission to the Expo Floor and Conference. Accepted speakers will be required to sign and submit a speaker agreement and provide an electronic copy of their presentation by a specific date so that attendees may access the presentation in advance of the conference. 


  • Importance of topic to conference attendees
  • Inclusion of an end user as either lead or co-presenter
  • Objective, educational, non-commercial content
  • Clearly defined / profit-centric attendee benefits
  • Knowledge, experience, and presentation skills of the speakers(s)


  • Automotive
  • AI/Machine Learning for Industrial Applications 
  • Designing and Implementing HMIs 
  • Embedded Vision and Image Processing 
  • Hardware/IP Security 
  • Industrial IoT at the Edge 
  • Industrial IoT Frameworks, What are They, do I Really Need One 
  • Predictive Maintenance. Real or Fantasy 
  • Securing Your System Software 
  • Testing Today’s Tricky Wireless Protocols 
  • The Importance of Code Quality and Debugging 
  • The Nuts and Bolts of MCUs, Including how to Maximize On-Chip Peripherals 
  • The Role of the Cloud in Industrial Applications 
  • Understand Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Data Networks and LPWANs 
  • Utilizing Open-Source Software for Robust and Secure Applications 
  • What You Need to Know About RTOSs, Including Open-Source 


Speakers will receive unprecedented visibility in all pre-conference, on-site, and post-conference materials including emails, brochures, and on the website. Selected speakers join a group of esteemed industry professionals that creates new networking and educational opportunities for their peers.

Speakers are also automatically pre-registered to the event equivalent to everything that a Gold Conference Pass has to offer (valued at over $1,000).