Jacob Beningo

Jacob Beningo


Beningo Embedded Group

Robert Brennan, Microchip

Robert Brennan

Marketing Communications Manager

Microchip Technology

Jean Labrosse, Silicon Labs

Jean Labrosse

Software Architect and Distinguished Engineer

Silicon Labs

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Design

Rich Nass

Executive Vice President, Embedded and IoT

OpenSystems Media

Rob Oshana, NXP Semiconductors

Rob Oshana

Vice President, Software Engineering, R&D, Microcontrollers

NXP Semiconductors 

Mark Rootz, Renesas

Mark Rootz

Marketing Director, Internet of Things BU

Renesas Electronics America

Shawn Prestridge, IAR Systems

Shawn Prestridge

Senior Field Applications Engineer

IAR Systems

Eric Roth, Inovonics

Eric Roth

Director of Embedded Systems & Chief Engineer, Sr. Living Products